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Advanced Code

In this class, students transition from Scratch to JavaScript, the language of the web, with the WoofJS JavaScript framework, where they can continue programming and build on their knowledge with one foot in the familiar world of Scratch concepts and one foot in the new world of JavaScript syntax. WoofJS was developed by The Coding Space to allow students to leverage their existing Scratch knowledge and transition naturally into using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, where they’ll build web-based games, animations, and applications. As students advance, they’ll rely less and less on our curricular guide rails and move towards self-directed learning where they’ll work with front-end and back-end technologies, experimenting with new languages and platforms to bring their ideas to fruition.

We balance project-based coding with hands-on activities and weekly challenges that help students learn on and off-screen. During each class, students get a break from their screens and discover opportunities to create and explore all around them with activities such as: engineering challenges, science experiments, short story writing, and more.

Co-ed.Ages 8-14.




Some Experience Required

Ideal for those looking for

  • Independent Projects
  • Building Web-based Games

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