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Beginner Code Summer

In our Beginner course, we use Scratch challenge projects as our core curriculum. By starting in Scratch, a block-based coding language, we skip over the small syntactic details of text-based languages and cut directly to the difficult part of coding: formulating one’s ideas into a logical sequence of steps. Students can jump into this class with no prior programming knowledge and in just a few hours build an incredible understanding of core computer science concepts through building games and animations. As they progress through this course, they’ll continue to learn essential programming constructs and develop a computational thought process that will prepare them for more advanced material. When they’re ready, students will transition into text-based programming through WoofJS, our JavaScript learning platform.

Co-ed.Ages 8+


Scratch,Computer Science Concepts,Logical Sequence


First-time Coders

Ideal for those looking for

  • Great Launch Pad
  • Computational Thinking

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