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Our GirlCode program is designed to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for girls, transgender, and gender non-conforming to learn to code. It is identical to our Beginner and Advanced curriculum in every way but one: no boys allowed. By fostering a safe and supportive space for our GirlCoders to develop their computational and critical thinking skills, intellectual confidence, and passion for STEM, we aim to help correct the gender gap in tech.

We balance project-based coding with hands-on activities and weekly challenges that help students learn on and off-screen. During each class, students get a break from their screens and discover opportunities to create and explore all around them with activities such as: engineering challenges, science experiments, short story writing, and more.

GirlCode.Ages 8-14.


STEM,Critical Thinking,Comprehensive Curriculum


First-time through Advanced

Ideal for those looking for

  • Inclusive Environment
  • Intellectual Confidence

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